Spokane’s BellyFest, 2018

Music and Dance Classes, Performances, Vendors, &
a Fundraiser for Spokane Women’s Farms
Saturday, February 17, 2018
9:00 am – 9:00 pm

West Central Community Center
1603 N. Belt St., Spokane, WA 99205

It was a successful event, and photos from Sudden Exposure Photography can be viewed here. 

Event Schedule

Mason Hall
Gym or Gym Stage
9:00 am – 9:30 am
  Technical Rehearsals
(Up to 5 minutes per solo or group.)
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
9:30 am – 10:30 am
Guedra, the Blessing Dance Instruction by Yasmin Zil to the Max 
Zil Instruction by Kate Altaira
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
10:45 am – 11:45 am
Creating Choreography 
Dance Instruction by Celadon 
3/4 Shimmy Variations
Dance Instruction by Thorn Trinity
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
ATS© Sword
Dance Instruction by Sandra Maras Rainey
Happy Feet will Travel
Dance Instruction by Nefabit
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
1:15 pm – 2:15 pm
Dance Instruction by Shining
Fan Veils 
Dance Instruction by Sunniva
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
ATS© Floorwork Dance Instruction by Courtney Rowland Contemporary Fusion Choreography  Dance Instruction by Nickie B. Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
3:45 pm – 4:45 pm
Crash in a Flash: Intro to American Tribal Style (ATS©)Dance Instruction by Audrey Gates & Jessica Tingley Outline of a Drum Solo
Drumming Instruction by Roger Sumner
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
4:45 pm – 5:45 pm
Dressing Room Technical Rehearsals
(Up to 5 minutes per solo or group.)
Mini Photo Shoots & Vending
6:00 pm – 9:00 pm (approx. end time)
Dressing Room  Hafla Hafla & Vending

For those attending all day, we will be holding a potluck.

Classes, 9:30 am – 4:45 pm/ $15.00 per Class

 (Early-bird Specials are no longer available.) 

Please note: Refunds will only be provided if the class in which the registrant would like to attend has been cancelled.

Evening Hafla, 6:00 pm/ $10.00, Garden Gloves, Organic Soil or Compost, or a Hand Tool for Spokane Women’s Farms

The following ladies and gents will be performing:

Bridget Roberts
Catherine Chalfant
Cimmaron Tribal Belly Dance
Crash in a Flash ATS Class
Hanan Valiant
Heather O’Byrne Youngs
Kate Altaira
Mystic Rhythms
Mystical Phoenix
Nah’Joom Dancers
Nickie B.
Northwest Bellydance Academy
Northwest Bellydance Company
Rhonda Higgins
Safar, the Band
Shaina Emra
Sultana Dancers
Tribe Zenith
Thorn Trinity
Ul’fire Tribal Dance

Shopping & Photo Shoots, 9:00 am – 9:00 pm

Cindy’s Tribal Wares
Curvy Color & Goddess Art
From the Creation 

Henna Tattoos with Genevieve Arnold

Karie Petrovich’s Lilla Rose Hair Pins and Clips
Kira Lazore’s Mary Kay Cosmetics
Sudden Exposure Photography
Young American Jewelry

If you’d like to be considered as a vendor or volunteer, please email us:  Info@culturesdance.com.

(Photos are by Sudden Exposure Photography, who will return to hold mini-photo shoots and to capture moments of the classes and evening show. Kim Long and guest are shown here.)


Our charity this year is a new non-profit, Spokane Women’s Farms, currently seeking 501 (c) status. This organization helps battered women transition through farming by providing them with a place for reflection, hope, food, and new trade skills. The organization is asking for garden gloves, hand shovels, and cultivators; tools that the women take with them as they ‘graduate’ from the shelters or dangerous environments.  For more information on the organization, visit SWFarms.org.

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Class Descriptions

3/4 Shimmy and Hip Work Class

    A Dance Class by Thorn Trinity 
Prepare to sweat! In this class, Thorn will begin by warming your body up for the intense shimmy drills that she will be offering. Then, she will go over different 3/4 shimmy variations and hip work on the up and down including: The Ghawazee, Hagallah, Choo Choo, and many more. Beginners and children are welcome.

ATS® Sword Workshop

   A Dance Class with Sandy Maras Rainey
This workshop is an overview of integrating sword as a prop in ATS®. We will cover holds, transitions, and balancing using slow moves. We will focus on slow vocabulary and include tips on fast moves. We will look at taking the stage and using dynamic formations; Passes, fades, turning the wheel. Beginners and ages 16 are up are welcome, although some familiarity with ATS is helpful.

ATS® Floorwork

    A Dance Class by Courtney Rowland
Show the floor some love! It’s always been there for you as a dancer, so why not get a little closer to it?  In ATS®, floorwork is an advanced specialty topic; it is important to have the fundamentals of proper posture and balance before attempting to take your dance to the floor. This workshop is open to anyone with healthy knees and a familiarity with ATS®. We will cover the basics of getting up and down as well as more advanced movements.  Bring knee pads. It is also helpful to cut a pair of socks at the toes and heel to create a small tube that covers only your arches. All ages are welcome to participate, providing they have some familiarity with ATS or tribal belly dance.

Awalim Movement

    A Dance Class by Shining
The Awalim or Almeh were Egypt’s early urban entertainers, written about by travelers like Edward Lane in the 18th century for their excellence and education in the arts of poetry, music and dance. We will explore how to represent the character of the 18th-early 20th century Egyptian entertainer on today’s stage, through specific movement stylizations using supporting information from early text sources and references from the modern descendants of the Awalim . (Please arrive ready to dance, notebook and pen suggested.) All who can follow directions are welcome to attend.

Creating Choreography

   A Dance Class by Celadon
In this class, using guided improvisation and basic dance elements of shape, space, time and energy, we will explore the creative process of composing our own dances. Learn how to use your own unique life perspective to improve your dance game. Both beginning as well as experienced choreographers will find this class equally valuable. As you develop a deeper understanding of movement invention and what is visually pleasing to an audience; you will gain confidence in your choreographic ability and employ these techniques for future creations. We will explore tips to get those creative juices flowing even when you feel stuck. Get ready to expand your toolbox and find and express your creative voice. This class comes with a detailed handout you can take home.

Contemporary Fusion Choreography

   A Dance Class by Nickie B.
Exploring multiple formats is essential to becoming a strong and well versed dancer. Contemporary fusion is best described as a stylized method that blends belly dance essentials with contemporary or lyrical dance. There are strong emotive undertones and influence from classical formats like ballet. April Rose, Kami Liddle, Joline Andrade and Zoe Jakes have all been known to incorporate this technique. This is a level two, intermediate choreography class guaranteed to up your game. Weave a story through your movement, embody a new character through this choreography, and intertwine feeling and unexpected uniqueness in your dance! Adults and children with dance experience are welcome to attend.

Crash for a Flash Mob: An Intro to American Tribal Style ®  BellyDance

    A Dance Class by Audrey Gates and Jessica Tingley
Have you ever wanted to be a part of a flash mob but not sure how to dance or can you never make it to enough practices to learn the choreography? Can you play follow the leader? Do you want to dip your toes into belly dance? Then come try American Tribal Style® belly dance – an improvisational form of dance seen around the world! In this one hour workshop, we’ll cover the basics of ATS including posture and the four basic fast moves, and we’ll put it all together at the end with a set to a single song as if you were apart of a flash mob! Beginners and children with parents/ guardians are welcome.

Really want to be apart of a flash mob? We’ll take everything we learned in the workshop and perform it together to the same song we used in class at BellyFest’s evening of performances! We will provide jingly hip scarves to borrow for anyone who doesn’t have them, as well as a black tank top to wear for the performance.

The Drum Solo for the Belly Dancer

   A Drumming Class by Roger E. Sumner
However nervous a drummer is about playing a drum solo for a dancer, the dancer is probably twice as nervous. As far as the other songs in the set, the dancers know what to expect. With the drum solo, they are completely at the mercy of the drummer. No matter how good the drummer is, if he or she doesn’t play a dancer friendly solo, the drummer and dancer will look foolish.

There is a significant difference between a drum solo and a belly dance drum solo. It is possible to play a drum solo that’s technically and musically phenomenal, and yet, be a terrible solo to dance to. This class will provide guidelines for playing a good belly dance drum solo.

Guedra, the Blessing 

    A Dance Class by Yasmin
From the Wilds of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains to the desert, Yasmin will share with you the Guedra Blessing. Yasmin has traveled to Morocco to learn the empathy of the Blessing. We will be on our knees so wear knee protection or if you cannot be on your knees, you don’t have to be on your knees. Beginners and children are welcome.

Happy Feet will Travel

    A Dance Class by Nefabit
In this class, participants will focus on the feet and legs, which carry us so diligently through dance!

In part one, Nefabit will break down some of her favorite exercises and combinations designed to incorporate graceful leg extensions and eye-catching steps into your dance repertoire. Whether dancing in a small space or on a large stage, dancers can create dynamic travelling patterns and graceful turn sequences. Students will drill simple and complex foot patterns designed to travel in multiple directions, all while exploring unique floor pathways to get you around the stage.

In part two, the class will focus on caring for and protecting the feet and joints. Participants will discuss strengthening and flexibility exercises, avoiding common injuries, pros and cons of different shoes, and ways to keep your feet happy and healthy. (Many dancers prefer to dance barefoot, but this can lead to injuries and infection, which Nefabit has experienced firsthand, as well as torque and repetitive stress injuries.) PLEASE BRING (if you have) – a resistance band, a yoga mat or towel, and any dance shoes you use.

Veil Fan Technique and Combinations

    A Dance Class by Sunniva
Welcome to the wonderful world of Veil Fan dancing. In this workshop, Sunniva will start with the basics of working with veil fans. The class will review the different fan options available, how to hold the fans as well as dancing and posing with the fans. Sunniva will also teach combos that can be placed into your own dancing. Please bring your own veil fans, but Sunniva has a couple pairs that dancers will be able to borrow. Beginners and children are welcome.

Zil to the Max

    A Zil Class by Kate Altaira
Take your finger cymblas to the next level with this one-hour workshop, covering five zil patterns with two variations each. Students will learn drills to improve coordination, finger cymbal precision, and layering, and leave the class with tools to take home in their own finger cymbal practice. Beginners and ages 10 and up are welcome to attend.

Instructor Bios

Kate Altaira has spent a majority of her life studying various forms of expressive movement and dance, spending her formative years competing in contemporary dance competitions with a Seattle-based dance company. She currently fuses contemporary dance forms with American Cabaret, American Tribal Style® and Transnational forms of dance, creating a modern approach to movement that balances creative expression with technical excellence. She’s a 200 E-RYT, and owner of Coil Studio, a Spokane-based yoga, dance, and aerial arts studio located in the historic Washington Cracker Building, where she teaches bellydance, vinyasa yoga, and aerial yoga.

Nickie B. is a Chicago born, now Spokane artist who has been performing for over 12 years. Most notably a dancer, she draws from a background of tribal and classical belly dance, ballet, jazz, lyrical/ contemporary and more. She is a co-founder and director of cabaret trio Rouge la Rue and an avid choreographer. You may find her working with local film and theater projects, dabbling in singing, acting and burlesque, producing wild cabarets or teaching dance or yoga classes at Coil studio. She’s very happy to be back for her third year teaching at Belly Fest!

Celadon, a second – generation belly dancer, began dancing as soon as she could walk. In high school, Celadon was creating award-winning solos and in college was asked to perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC with her own choreography. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in dance from the U of I then moved to Los Angeles where she performed at various gigs such as, Arabic and Indian weddings, and teaching at Studios and workshops. Focused on bellydance, hip hop and contemporary, Celadon has performed and choreographed with various companies, in music videos, and as a soloist for 8 years professionally. As a performer, Celadon has been described as magnetic and captivating, and as a choreographer and teacher, with 15 years of experience, students praise her warmth, Innovative movement style, and contagious enthusiasm for life.

Audrey Gates found her way to American Tribal Style® in 2014, became a co-instructor at Devotion Tribal BellyDance in December 2015, and received her Teacher Training certification and FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio status in January 2017.

Jessica Tingley of Devotion Tribal BellyDance is a certified American Tribal Style® instructor and a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio based in Sandpoint, Idaho. Jessica began her journey in belly dance almost a decade ago while living in Hampton Roads, Virginia. She took classes in several styles and with several instructors before falling in love with the sisterhood she found in ATS®. Jessica moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2010 and became an FCBD® certified instructor herself in 2014.

Together with their partner, Brooke Spencer, the three formed their professional troupe, Aurora Fox Tribal Dance, a student troupe for Devotion Tribal BellyDance, and have collaborated as a studio with other studios in the area, even reaching to Kettle Falls and Spokane, WA. As North Idaho’s first FatChance BellyDance® certified Sister Studio, Devotion continues with the goal of providing consistent, quality ATS® instruction and supporting sister dancers on their individual dance journeys.

A second generation dancer, Nefabit has been dancing for over 20 years. Bellydance has always been her primary focus and biggest passion, though she has always enjoyed a wide variety of dances. She is a full-time professional dancer, teaching private and group classes during the week and performing throughout Washington and Idaho on weekends. Nefabit produces full theatrical shows both in Spokane and out of town.

Her next project, coming in 2019 with Northwest Bellydance and Safar will feature all live music, rich costumes and scenery and elaborate choreography. The show will tell re-imagined folk tales from the Arabian Nights and other works. Please keep an eye on northwestbellydance.com for more details.

Sandy Maras Rainey has been a student of ATS® for seven years and became a certified ATS® teacher in 2015. She is the director of Ul’ffre Tribal Dance in Sandpoint, Idaho and holds a doctorate in education.




Courtney Rowland has studied American Tribal Style® belly dance for ten years, and she is a certified Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio. After dancing as a founding member of Kamalah Tribal in Phoenix for 7 years, Courtney returned to her hometown of Spokane where she hopes to grow the ATS® community. Currently, Courtney dances with Cimarron Tribal Belly Dance and teaches ATS® levels 1, 2, and 3 at Coil in Spokane. Courtney’s style focuses on elegant, lifted posture and the details of technique.


Shining is an award winning Middle Eastern Dance Entertainer and Educator based in Portland, OR. A huge enthusiast of history, culture and traditional dance, she believes in giving a full picture of Raqs Sharqi and offers an academic curriculum that incorporates these important elements of contextual knowledge from the very beginning. She is currently developing an Awalim Recreation Project-entertainment from turn of 20th century Egypt to showcase music, dance and other arts of the era. If you are interested in her upcoming workshops, performances or educational projects check her out on facebook or visit www.shiningbellydance.com.

Roger E. Sumner is the founder of Safar, a Pan Arabic Band. He has put together a unique music opportunity for Belly Dancers and troupes in the Pacific Northwest to belly dance to live music. He has played the doumbek, since 2008 and is currently studying, taking lessons, transcribing drum solos, and using the Internet and DVD’s learning the Egyptian style of playing the Doumbek with a little of the Turkish split finger technique.

Roger is a classically trained rudimental drummer and has over 42 years playing and teaching experience. He has been involved with various school, college, military, concert, marching, and big band bands and has been involved with dance cover bands spanning Country, 50’s and 60’s Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Dixieland, Big Band, and Orchestra.


Sunniva, originally from Seattle, Wa, was introduced to Belly Dance in 2008. In her first class series she learned a dynamic choreography which sparked her interest to explore this artful dance. Since that time, she has studied under many different professionals from all over the world, exploring the different styles of raq sharqi, belly dance, tribal, and alternative styles.


Yasmin has been performing and teaching professionally for 33 years. She has performed at nightclubs, street fairs, festivals, private parties and community functions. Yasmin has also danced with the MB Orchestra, David Saee and Ay Yildiz Turkish band. You can also hear Yasmin’s castanets in the movie, “Crocodile Tears.” Yasmin has traveled to North Africa to extensively learn these dances. The places Yasmin has danced in are Washington, Maine, Montana, Idaho, Arizona, Ohio Pennsylvania, New York, Virginia and Oregon States; Mexico and Morocco. She is also featured in a book, “The Belly Dance Book” by Tazz Richards.


Sudden Exposure Photography is the featured event photographer.  Here are two photo albums showing last year’s event:


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Hotel Red Lion River Inn – Spokane

700 N. Division St., Spokane

The hotel fairly close to the Interstate, within walking distance of downtown Spokane (shopping), and right on the river, so you can enjoy Riverfront Park. (The walking trail goes under the Division Street bridge.)

The group rate of 1-2 beds for $85 plus tax per night per room with breakfast for Friday and Saturday nights. An airport shuttle is available, if needed. Please call 1-800-RED LION and ask for the Spokane BellyFest group rate with code SPOK0216 or book the hotel online.

Our rates are valid until January 26, 2018 or until our reserved rooms sell out. Guests must provide a 24-hour notice to cancel without penalty. 

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Presenting Dances from around the World, including those from Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, and India.